Special Event Food


Mildmay Freshmart can prepare delicious food ready for pick up at the store.

To order party trays we have posters at the deli to help with your decision-making.  These list all the possible suggestions, serving sizes and prices.

Stop in or call to chat about your next special event.

Mildmay Freshmart does not cater by providing set-up and clean-up services.  

We can also provide hot meals and food for your events.   Menu items such as lasagna, garlic bread, large salads, casseroles, chicken wings, roast beef dinners, hot baked pizzas, BBQ chickens, soups, chili, etc. are all possible.   Please make an appointment to chat with Gail and we would be happy to prepare for you to pick up and take to your event.

Fruit Tray or Vegetable Tray

These trays can include a dip in the middle, or all fruit, or all vegetables.   Delicious for all occasions!

Grab n' Go (usually always available in the fresh produce counter)                                                                                    $12.99

Regular Size (approx. 10-15 servings)                    $25.99

Large Size (approx. 20-25 servings)                         $39.99


Sliced Meat Tray

A Sliced Meat Tray is best served along with Kaisers or fresh bread, and perhaps a tray of sliced cheese.  Your guests can then make their own sandwiches.   Trays include 3-6 different kinds of meats plus a garnish.

Regular Size  (feeds approx. 10-12 people)       $29.99

Large Size  (feeds approx. 15-20 people)            $44.99

Party Size  (feeds approx. 20-30 people)            $65.99

sliced meat tray to serve with kaisers

Cheese Slice Tray

A Cheese Slice Tray is best served along with a sliced meat tray for making sandwiches or Kaisers

Regular Size (feeds approx. 10-12 people) with 4 kinds of cheese plus a fruit or vegetable garnish.                       $25.99

Large Size (feeds approximately  18-20 people)      $42.99


Sandwich Relish Tray

These trays are best served along with a sliced meat tray, sliced cheese tray and fresh Kaisers, to make-your-own sandwiches.   This tray includes:  sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, sliced dill pickles, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise and mustard                                                                                            $34.99

Pickled Relish Tray

These trays have a variety of pickles and olives.   We make one size only which feeds approx. 25-30 people.     $25.99

relish tray for special events from Mildmay Freshmart

Meat & Cheese Cube Tray

These trays are best served with 2-4 kinds of crackers as a nice finger-food or appetizer.  These trays include 2-4 kinds of meat such as kolbassa, summer sausage, pepperoni, plus 2-4 kinds of cheese cut to fit on a cracker, and garnished.

Regular Size (feeds approx. 10-15 people)                   $31.99

Large Size  (feeds approx. 15-20 people)                       $45.99

Party Size (feeds approx. 20-30 people)                         $57.99

cheese and meat cube tray served with crackers for your next special event
sandwich or wrap tray from Mildmay Freshmart

Sandwich Trays

Sandwich trays can be made to fee any number of people.  We can do sandwich trays on fresh sliced bread, fresh baked Kaisers, or we can make wraps.   We make to the number requested plus a couple extra.

Sandwiches & Wraps are $3.75 each

Kaisers are $4.75 each

tray of sandwiches from Mildmay Freshmart

Offer Them Sweets !!!

Assorted Cookie Plate: our storemade cookies are so delicious and plates can be made to any size to feed any number of people.   Our cookies include lemon cranberry, chocolate chip, triple chocolate, raisin oatmeal, and white chocolate macadamia nut.                                $1.75 per person

Assorted Plate of Squares:  can be made to any size to feed any number of people                                         $2.00 per person

Tray of Mixed Sweets:  includes tarts, cookies, brownies, squares and fruit garnish and can be made to any size to feed any number of people                                        $2.50 per person

dessert tray

We also decorate cakes!  See our information under the Bakery Department tab to order a cake for your special event.