Renovation Photo Album

A beautiful building was erected in year 2000 as a new grocery store, pharmacy and liquor store for the town of Mildmay.

It was thoughtfully planned, well constructed and maintained through 17 years.

Our focus for change was to make it as energy efficient as possible and, to thoroughly clean and to modernize the look of the grocery store.

Our areas of focus for upgrades and improvement:  

  1. Deli and Bake Shop area needed a complete refresh with a new, clean, modern look.
  2. We determined that the store was too large for the population that we served so it was made 3,000 square feet smaller by putting up a wall and moving several of the display coolers in the produce and fresh meat area.
  3. Energy efficiency by installing new refrigerated display units and some lighting.
  4. New office area on the same level as the grocery store to be close to all the action.
  5. Thorough cleaning and realigning of all groceries and products for sale in the store.
  6. New refreshing look to the store.   Since we are affiliated with Loblaws, they were implementing a "New Look" for their independently owned stores and we became the very first pilot store in Canada to launch the new look.  The entire store was painted with new aisle and outdoor signage.
The old deli getting a really thorough cleaning and scrubbing.

This is the deli/bake shop area being cleared out completely

clearing out and cleaning up the bake shop & deli

Ready to clean and create a new bake shop and deli area.

Putting the Deli and Bake Shop back together with clean new modern cupboards

Our general contractor, Jim Craddock starts to put the new cupboards back into the bake shop.

Installing the new deli display units, plus sandwich and hot unit. displayer.  Notice the new HiGrade steel roof?

New display units for deli meats, hot meals and sandwich bar, new Hi Grade steel roof replaced the wood shingles, upgraded LED lighting, and all new cupboards for the new updated look.

New wall going up to make the store smaller.

New wall being framed in steel.

New steel wall going up.

Almost across the 80' span.

We did all of this to create a modern, updated and clean looking store.   We hope you enjoy the new look.

We like to decorate for each season and festive holiday.