As you enter Mildmay Freshmart you will immediately see our fresh produce area loaded with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Produce continuously changes with the seasons and availability.  Our produce manager Rose Ann is keen to chat with customers and ensure she is carrying what everyone is looking for.

We get several small deliveries each week to ensure our produce is fresh and rotated.
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We are pleased to have Rose Ann on our team as she brings years of produce experience with her and is very particular about her fresh fruits and vegetables.  Please stop and chat with Rose Ann.

vegetable tray for special events from Mildmay Freshmart

Platter of vegetables


Rose Ann makes wonderful fruit and vegetable trays in a variety of sizes for all your party needs.   Trays include:

Regular size                     $25.99

(feeds approx. 10-15 people)

Large size                         $39.99

(feeds approx. 20-30 people)

Grab n' Go Trays           $12.99

(feeds 5-8 people)

We source local produce as it is in season and available near us.

Produce such as turnip from Ernewein's at Dunkeld, local sweet corn, strawberries and raspberries, garden beans, cucumbers, dill, and tomatoes. We were exceptionally pleased with the fresh apples from Blake Orchards at Brussels which lasted until Christmas.  We now carry an excellent selection of fresh apples from Keyzers Fruit Farm near Paisley.