Our Commitment to the Environment

It has always been our priority to operate in an environmentally friendly manner not only as the right thing to do, but it also saves money.  

We planned alot of our renovation around making everything as energy efficient as possible.   Now we do several things in our daily operations to ensure we continue to be efficient.

A Renovation for Hydro Efficiency

The biggest consumer of hydro in this store is the display refrigerators.  We replace the open dairy cooler with a new upgraded dairy cooler with doors.  This ensures that the cold stays within the refrigerator and not blowing into the store.

The door gaskets were replaced in 27 upright freezer display doors to make them much tighter.  We also had new LED lights installed in these doors for a brighter and more efficient light.

We added night shade curtains to all the open refrigerators including the produce, meat and three bunkers.  These curtains are drawn after the store closes at night so that the cold is kept inside the units and therefore have to run less.

We converted lighting in the bakery to LED for more efficiency.

Everyday Energy Savings

  1. Each night the produce, meat display and bunkers have curtains pulled to keep the cool temperature in and reduce run times on the units.
  2. Almost all the lights are shut off, including display units, pop coolers, walk-in refrigerators, and storage rooms.   Computers, display monitors and scales are turned off.
  3. The outside lights and pilon road sign lights are on timers to turn on and shut off.
  4. The store temperature is set at 72 degrees and much of the time the store heat reclaim system is able to heat the store with heat recovered from the operation of the refrigerated display units.  Only if the temperature falls below this, will the furnace come on.  The same in the summer time.   The air conditioning comes on only when the store temperature rises significantly.
night shade curtains

Other Daily Environmental Efficiencies

Garbage, Composting, Recycling

We attempt to generate limited garbage daily from our store.  That is because all compostable scrap is collected in separate bins and given to a local farmer to use as pig feed.   We generate one small dumpster per month of garbage and we are proud of that.   It keeps our garbage expense to a minimum and encourages everyone to recycle or compost as much as possible.

We separate out our plastic wrap that comes around skids of product and around boxes, and it is taken to the dump for recycling.

A lot of grocery product comes in cardboard.  These boxes are very useful and are reused.   Small to medium sized boxes are used to pack customer groceries.  Larger boxes are saved and given away to people who are moving houses.   For boxes that are dirty and unusable, we have one cardboard dumpster that gets emptied weekly.

We recycle plastic, foil, aluminum, glass, fine paper, and newspaper with the municipal recycling program.