At Mildmay Freshmart we strive everyday to carry the products you have listed on your grocery list.

We have a great selection of brand name, President's Choice and No Name products.

We bring in new products every week based on customer requests.
Buy Groceries words written on a dry erase board to remind you to shop for food and other items at sa super market or store

Local Products

We have a special display of local products including Forty Hills Honey of Clifford, Klein's Maple Syrup, garlic products from The Garlic Box at Hensall, sparkling cider from Vittoria.   This changes seasonally and we are always looking for new sources of really high quality product.

shopping cart

Visit our delicious candy bar of all sorts of candy, chocolates and nuts.

Freshie our cow bench for awesome photos and a memory of your visit to Mildmay Freshmart

Gluten Free Products

We have a gluten free section of grocery items, and a section in our freezer isle of frozen gluten free products as well.   If there is something you would like, that we do not have, we can try to get it for you.

kitchenware, bakeware, small appliances

To Help You in the Kitchen

We have added an aisle of kitchen bakeware, small appliances and cookware to help make meals with your groceries.   We have an awesome selection of roasting pans, assorted pots and fry pans, toasters, kettles, casseroles, smallwares, thermometers and knives


Theresa is our super friendly Assistant Store Manager in charge of ordering and keeping on top of every little thing!!