Fresh Meat

Dan the Meat Man

Say "Hello" to

Dan the Meat Man!!!

The Mildmay Freshmart team is very excited to have Dan the Meat Man in our butcher shop.   Dan is always eager to meet our customers and listen to what they would like to purchase from our fresh meat department.   

Dan makes his own sausage, including breakfast link sausage.  He has made "10x1's" which are 1lb portions of ground beef wrapped in butcher paper and sold as 10 portions per bag.   The 1lb portions work well for most recipes, the meat keeps well in butcher paper, and this is sold at a very good price.   You can find these in the frozen section.     

We continue to source local fresh fish, delicious local chicken and turkey, smoked pork products from near Dobbinton, and Ontario pork and beef as much as possible.    

Please say hello to Dan as he is very outgoing and personable.     Let us know what we can prepare for you!  



sweet cow portrait on a farm pasture (more cows laying at the background)

Fresh beef is sourced from a variety of suppliers.

  • West Grey Premium Beef supplies us with fresh sausage weekly, as well as boxes of striploin steaks and burgers for your BBQ.   
  • Loblaw warehouse supplies us with fresh beef in bulk, which is sourced within Canada
West Grey Premium boxed meats

Put Pork on Your Fork !

We've discovered that our Mildmay customers love pork.   We have a variety of sources including:

  • Bauman's Sausage near Dobbinton who do a great job on smoked pork chops, pepperoni sticks and smoked sausage
  • Stemmler Meats of Heidleburg supply us with pig tails, headcheese, ring bologna, summer sausage
  • West Grey Premium Beef makes delicious fresh sausage and we try to get that in every most weeks
  • Loblaw warehouse supplies us with fresh pork, which is from Ontario.
full body of brown chicken hen standing isolated white background use for farm animals and livestock theme

We love our local chicken supplier! 

Farm Fresh Poultry at Harriston supplies us with the freshest chicken each week.    There is no travel time with this product as it is often processed in the morning and we have it on our counter in the late afternoon or next morning.    Everyone says they can taste the difference.

We also purchase fresh turkey at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas from one of two suppliers:   Belwood Poultry at Amherstburg or Ross Enterprises at Moorefield.    We appreciate if our customers can pre-order their turkey so we can ensure we have the size you need.  


Fresh Fish

This is something new for Mildmay and area and is becoming popular.   We have designated a bunker just for fresh fish and it will have a variety of different fish each week. 

  • We purchase fresh whitefish, perch and pickerel from Leeder's Fish at Port Elgin.  This is fished out of Lake Huron, cleaned and filleted in Sarnia and delivered to Port Elgin for distribution.   This is truly fresh and local.
  • We purchase salmon, rainbow trout, cod, haddock and sole from Loblaws which is all sourced in Canada.  It comes packed in ice for ultimate freshness.


Our team at Mildmay Freshmart strives everyday to meet all your grocery shopping needs with fresh local produce and meat, meals to go, delicious in-store bakery and everyday groceries.

We strive to make shopping simple and if we don't have what you need, we are happy tot try to get it for you.

Love where you live.... Shop Local !!