Community of Mildmay

Mildmay Freshmart is pleased to be part of the community of Mildmay.

Collection for Food Bank

Food Bank

In-store collection of grocery bags for the Food Bank

The community of Mildmay helped to fill the Walkerton Food Bank with bags of groceries purchased at Mildmay Freshmart.

We ran the grocery bag sales from mid September until Christmas and $1,755.00  of groceries were donated to the food bank.   We will again have grocery bags available for sale during the month of March in support of Easter.

We fill paper grocery bags with groceries most needed by the food bank and sell them to customers who purchase them with their groceries.  We gather the sold bags into a shopping cart and the food bank picks them up when the cart is full.

Community Fundraiser Opportunity

Our huge front porch is awesome for BBQ's and community gatherings.  In June, Mildmay Minor Ball hosted a car wash, BBQ and bottle drive to raise money for their organization.  In the fall, the Mildmay 4-H horse club hosted a BBQ on the porch.

Does your organization need to raise some funds?  Mildmay Freshmart will lend you our store BBQ, porch space and picnic tables. You pick the date and advertise your event. We will give you a deal on BBQ food and beverages. Consider a Friday or Saturday this summer when we have lots of customers through the front doors.

If you would like to have a fundraiser, we will donate the BBQ, and provide the food & supplies at a reduced price.  

Have you seen our giant shopping cart parade float?

My Dad, Glen Meuser, had this amazing shopping cart made for us to use in parades and we have been to lots of them!  We were in the Mildmay Fall Fair parade, Teeswater Santa parade, Paisley Santa parade, Tara Santa parade.

Watch the video below as we débuted the float in Mildmay in September.

Donation to Walkerton Hospital Gift Shop

donation to hospital auxillaryIn January 2018 we changed greeting card suppliers and needed to get rid of the cards from the former supplier.   Approximately $10,000 worth of greeting cards were donated to the Walkerton Hospital gift shop and they planned to share them with the Chesley and Kincardine Hospital gift shops as well.   We were pleased to be able to support our local hospital.

 Mildmay Lions Club Shopping Spree Fundraiser

shopping spree Lions Club 2018Congratulations to Patti Weiler who gathered up $500.00 in groceries, meat and small appliances in her 3 minute shopping spree in late January 2018.  Mildmay Freshmart was pleased to give the Lions Club 10% off their big purchase of the day.

Lions' Club shopping spree 2019Congratulations to Bruce Beitz of Walkerton who ran his spree in February 2019.