The most delicious smells come from our in-store bakery with fresh baked breads and rolls all morning, homemade hot lunch and dinner specials, plus pies, cupcakes, decorated cakes for all occasions, desserts and cookies.

This bakery is up for any request and eager to please our customers.  Our creative bakers continue to experiment every day with new recipes and ideas.  They continue to try to find those items that customers are looking for.


This is Kara, our baker and cook extraordinaire! Kara starts early each morning to bake breads and fresh rolls, keeps a nice clean and tidy kitchen, chats with all her customers, makes all our hot lunches and dinners each day. She has a beautiful smile and we are so happy she is on our Mildmay Freshmart team.


 New!! Beautifully decorated cakes for all occasions.  Our creative baker Kara is eager to bake and decorate cakes for your next anniversary, birthday, or dessert for a large gathering.

See below for cake pricing, which can change based on how much time is involved.    Remember... we need at least 3 days notice because we bake each cake for each order.

Kara slicing bread

Remember to Pre-Order your fresh baked Breads & Rolls

Many of our regular customers know the importance in pre-ordering their breads, Kaisers, dinner rolls.    Kara prepares several dozen every weekend for parties and gatherings.

Donut Days

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, our bakers make the most wonderful donuts in a variety of flavours and shapes.  We have apple fritters, yeast rings, yeast twists, cake rings and filled donuts.   These are very popular and can be purchased individually or in any number you wish.   The donuts are 80 cents each.

We can also make a pretty awesome donut birthday cake!!

dessert tray
cookie tray

Offer Them Sweets!

For your next party or gathering, consider ordering a party platter of assorted cookies, assorted squares, or tray of mixed sweets. More information can be found on the Special Event Food Tab on the home page.

Custom Cake Decorating

We need at least 3 days notice to bake and decorate your cake.
All cakes are baked in-store fresh for you.

  • 6” round (feeds 4-6) $15.00
  • 8” round (feeds 8-10) $25.00
  • 10” round (feeds 12-15) $30.00
  • 12” round (feeds 25-30) $40.00
  • 9”x13” rectangle (feeds 15-20) $40.00
  • 2- 9”x13” on one board (feeds 35-40) $75.00
  • 11”x15” rectangle (feeds 35-40) $50.00
  • 12”x18” rectangle (feeds 48-50) $60.00
  • Cupcakes (individually decorated)  $1.50-$2.00 each
Cake Flavour Options:
  • French Vanilla
  • Devil’s Chocolate
  • Moist Carrot
  • Lavish Lemon
  • Mixed Up Marble
Cake Filling Options:
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Lemon
  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate Buttercream
slab cakes decorated